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FPV Thermal Imaging Camera

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As a leading manufacturer of cooled uncooled infrared detectors & thermal modules, iSun digitech developes a tiny size and lightweight infrared thermal imaging core , which is the compact version of infrared camera core U02-13.5/U03-16.

Fully oriented for SWaP-C (size-weight-and- power-cost), the size and weight of U02-13.5/U03-16 infrared camera core has already been at the forefront in the industry.It is the best choice for customers who have restrict requirements on size and weight when integrating their own drones.

Providing 640×512/12μm self-developed wafer-level infrared detector, lens protection grade IP67, imaging and temperature measurement version, and various SDK solutions, the U02-13.5/U03-16 thermal module responds to space constraints with smaller size and lighter weight, achieves longer battery life with lower power consumption, overcomes integration problems in the consumer electronics field, and provides more solutions for compact and portable products.

It is specially developed for the field of Predictive Maintenance, Photovoltaic Inspection, Environmental Protection, Scientific Research, Aerial Photography, Police Investigation, Disaster Relief & Rescue, Forest Fire Prevention, Urban Safety etc.

 Main Features:

Compact & Lightweight Design

• Size: L35*W35*49mm (with 16mm lens)

• Weight: 55g (with 16mm lens)

• Power consumption as low as 1.3W(5V/260mA)

• Clear Image & Accurate Radiometry

• Support Windows/Linux/ARM SDK

• Support regional, point & isotherm temperature measurement

• Various Interfaces for Easy Integration

FPV Thermal Imaging Camera DJI-Air-2S-大疆无人机.webp

FPV Thermal Imaging Cameras.jpg

FPV Thermal Imaging Camera

FPV Thermal Imaging Camera

FPV Thermal Imaging Camera

FPV Thermal Imaging Cameras