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Car Thermal imaging Camera Night vision System Video

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  Car Thermal imaging Camera Night vision

  In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology, 

numerous systems for driver driving assistance have emerged in the market, and various innovative technologies 

can improve the comfort and safety of drivers while not interfering with their operations.

     The core function of many driver assistance systems is to warn drivers of possible hazards in advance, thus avoiding traffic accidents.

     Without the Night Vision System, for drivers driving at night, if encounter poor lighting, the drivers on the opposite lane using high beam, or bad weather like rain, fog and haze, there is no way to clearly see the distant pedestrians. At this time, it is exceedingly easy for vulnerable traffic participants (pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, tricycles, etc.) to collide and cause irreparable damage. In this case, if the car is equipped with our Night Vision System of which the thermal imaging camera can capture the far-infrared heat radiation emitted by pedestrians and other vulnerable traffic participants, and which then forms a video image by the intensity of the heat radiation, drivers’ view range will be greatly improved. 

     As the Night Vision System is also equipped with advanced pedestrian recognition, it has the ability to provide advance warning, enabling drivers to easily deal with complex road conditions at night and drive safely to avoid dangerous situations.

Video : 

Car Thermal imaging Camera

Night Vision System

Car Thermal imaging Camera


Night Vision System

Camera Resolution: 

   640x512 (16mm)

   384x288 (13.5mm)

   256x192 (10mm)


Car Thermal imaging Camera

 Night Vision System

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